Red Heart E300.0311 Super Saver Economy Yarn, White

Product Features
  • Red heart super saver print yarn
  • Made of 96-percent acrylic and 4 percent other fibers worsted material
  • Available for 5-mm knitting needle and 5.5-mm crochet hook
  • Available in white color
  • Measures 364-yards length

Brand: Coats & Clark Inc.

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The great wash performance and no dye lot solids makes this red heart super saver print yarn for wearable's, home accessories and more. Made of 96-percent acrylic and 4-percent other fibers worsted material. It is available for 5 mm knitting needle and 5.5 mm crochet hook. Care in structions are, machine wash (maximum temperature 104F/40C), tumble dry, do not bleach, do not iron and dry cleanable. Made in USA. Available in white color. Measures 364-yards length.

The information you should look for on the yarn label is very useful when choosing the number of skeins and weight and type of the yarn you require for your work.
Red Heart yarn is a high-quality product from a well-known brand. You can learn a lot from a label available on the skein. It contains the yarn fiber content, brand name, color name and number, dye lot number, plies, yarn weight in yards. Beside, you can read about knitting and crochet gauge and home care.

So, this excellent product features the following: contents of two fibers -96% of acryl and 4% of worsted materials. The weight of the product is measured in yards and is 364 yards length.

Color name is white with the remark that the yarn does not contain any dye lot solids. Thus it can be applied for home essentials, clothes and other things.
The manufacturer suggests using 5-mm knitting needle and 5.5-mm crochet hook for creating from the product.

Home laundering and dry cleaning symbols on the skein tell about home care. You can wash the product in machine at temperature max 40C, tumble dry.

The instructions also warn not to bleach and iron the product.

Don’t forget to check the laundering instructions on the yarn label. The product label indicates that you may machine wash and dry, but remember that you care for a handmade and very delicate item, so we recommend you wash it in a mesh laundry bag or a special case. Please, remember to wash the handmade things separately from other laundry.

Red Heart yarn features excellent uniformity and strength, ease of use and supreme quality. For the best knitting works choose the best yarn such as Red Heart white color yarn from Coats & Clark Inc.

It is ideal yarn with great properties for knitting quality fabric. It is uniform along its length, composed of concentric layers with constant number of filaments. Fibers in the yarn skein are constant throughout the product. The yarn consists of large number of filaments and can be perfectly suit any project you want to complete.

Perfect knitting is possible with Super Saver Economy Yarn with great parameters including ideal evenness, good breaking strength and hairiness and other requirements.

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