TYH Supplies 20 Skeins Bonbons Yarn Assorted Colors - 100% Acrylic

Product Features
  • Collection of 20 miniature skeins of yarn - Assorted Colors
  • Perfect for projects requiring a wide range of colors
  • Machine Washable and Dry - Tumble Dry Normal - Do Not Bleach - Do Not Iron
  • 3 DK Weight: Light Worsted Yarn, Each bonbon is 28 yd (26 m) for a total of 560 yd (512 m)
  • 100-percent Acrylic

Brand: TYH Supplies

Categories: Yarn,

This set of 20 bonbons skeins has a very wide range of colors, allowing you to work on projects that are colorful, bright and catchy.

Each bonbon is 28 yards long (26 m - 92 ft) for a total of 560 yd (512 m -1680 ft)

When choosing the right yarn for the desired pattern it is essential to keep in mind that often patterns are designed for the particular brand and certain weight of yarn. If you use a pattern from a designer, in most cases it includes the information about the color, weight, brand of yarn to be used for this pattern. Besides, pay attention to the knitting needles and crochet hooks sizes.

Sometimes you may wish to use a different brand, so it is not a problem. Still think about keeping to the recommendations available with the pattern. They usually inform about type of fabric, weight of yarn and even color.

Today with a great variety of fabrics being used in manufacturing of yarn, you can choose from wool, silk or cotton. However, most popular and reasonable-priced is acrylic. It is synthetic material yarn used practically for any project due to its great featuring characteristics.

Patterns inform you about the yardage or grams used for this or that particular work. Try to buy more than a pattern information recommends. You can make a knot or mistake and may need more of the yarn.

If you need different colors for your project, you may benefit from buying collections of assorted colors such as in TYH Supplies. This product offers 20 different in color skeins of yarn.

The skeins are produced using 100% acrylic which is very useful for different knitting projects. Besides, if you plan to work with a broad spectrum of colors and make your project really bright and colorful, then a collection of TYH Supplies is the right choice.

The high-quality of the product is ensured by reliable brand.The kit of skeins features: machine wash and dry possibility. Each skein is 28 yards long (26 m - 92 ft) for a total of 560 yd (512 m -1680 ft).

Remember about making a swatch with the yarn and the needle or hook before starting your pattern. Make sure that you knit with the correct template.

Additionally, you should read the label with more information provided with the collection of acrylic yarn skeins. It includes the info about proper storage and care about the knitted fabrics. The manufacturer recommends not to bleach the yarn and not to iron it.

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